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A Futuristic Perspective on Fly Ash
Name: A Futuristic Perspective on Fly Ash
File: 0_Bargeheiser Presentation Final 5-8-12.pdf
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Event: 2012 ICSC - SEATTLE
Speaker Name: Bargaheiser, K.
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Date Uploaded: June 13, 2012; 10:54 am
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The concrete industry in the past has been driven by engineers, architects, specifiers, producers and marketers. Science, competitiveness and its people have been the life blood that has spelled success. Today, federal regulations challenge the industry “second only to water as the world’s most consumed product”. Directed by the federal EPA, “science” has taken a backseat to “politics”. One product under scrutiny is Fly Ash, a recognized beneficial recyclable material used to enhance the properties of concrete. This presentation covers an industry perspective on what the future holds. Highlights will include: influencing technical innovations, regulations, sustainability, material sourcing, recycling and reuse.

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