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Ternary Blend Concrete - Paper
Name: Ternary Blend Concrete - Paper
File: Bentsen Paper 5-7-13.pdf
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Event: 2013 ICSC - SAN FRAN
Speaker Name: Bentsen, R.
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Paper - The Illinois Tollway, part of the $12 billion Move Illinois capital program, desires roadway construction to be ‘greener’ than ever before. For concrete pavements, this translates to requiring the use of industrial byproduct, recycled asphalt pavement as a coarse aggregate and allowing for the use of recycled concrete aggregate in ternary blend concrete pavement materials. To develop the standards and specifications for this “black rock” concrete mixture, the Illinois Tollway completed a laboratory and field trial program. The laboratory program investigated the replacement of virgin coarse aggregate in a ternary blend concrete mix with various levels of fractionated recycled asphalt pavement (FRAP). The results of the laboratory investigation showed that up to 50
percent FRAP may be feasible in a ternary concrete pavement mix that meets the Illinois Tollway’s strength requirements. This presentation presents the impacts of the FRAP on the concrete material properties such as slump, unit weight, air content, compressive strength, split tensile strength, flexural strength, dynamic modulus, shrinkage, and freeze/thaw durability.

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